Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Class

How is everyone doing?  It's been a busy week around here, some classes and some babysitting and some sewing.  All fun stuff!! 
I took pictures during the jelly roll class the other day and realized, after downloading the pictures, that would was going to be the "Pat" blog.  So without further adieu........................
Pat is getting her machine set up and fabrics arranged and beginning her stitching.  She had a little difficulty in the beginning with the machine, but I think she's ready to go now. 
Lynn finished her jelly roll top and moved onto another project...... I didn't get a picture of Lynn's quilt with the camera!!  It was beautiful and done with lots of Christmas fabrics.
and Lou moved right along with her quilt top.......almost there! 
Pat is trimming her very long "tail" of fabric. 
Lynn finishing up her second project of the day. 
And very, very proud of the water she is drinking now!!!  Lots of it please!!! 
And Pat is pressing her very long never ending "tail" of fabric....... 
Ta-da.....Lou finished up her top.  Beautiful!!!! 
Had to move Pat to my machine which seemed to work better for her. 
Still sewing........................... 
Sewing some more......threading bobbins.........sewing some more....... 
YAY!!!!  Done.......last stitches taken.  Finally!!!!! 
Another ta-da!!!  Turned out beautiful.  Pat used up lots of Christmas fabrics she had on hand.  I know, even though it took her awhile, that she is going to love this new quilt.  Way to go Pat!!   
Time for another birthday party class tomorrow.  The bags are all packed and ready to play!!
Hope you all have a super great weekend.  Find a little time to stitch..................

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to Us!

 I had my first birthday party class on Wednesday (all day Wednesday!!!  right ladies??!!) and what a great time we had.  I put in a lot of hours getting all the bits and pieces ready for this class and it was so worth it to hear all the laughter from the ladies and see what fun they were having creating their birthday projects.  I took pictures throughout the day and decided to share a few.  Even though there is another birthday party class, I don't think I'll spoil their fun by sharing a few photos.

Martha and Elaine made a great team!  And Martha kept everyone in stitches all day long!!! 
Jeannie, that's a sort of "sneaky" grin you have there.  Do you have an extra cupcake hidden under the table?   
Linda is smiling because she persevered through trials and tribulations to get her book put together.  Great job Linda.  Thanks for hanging in there!!! 
That looks like a really sweet card Elaine!  How many more to go? 
Linda baked a birthday cake for the special occasion.  What's a birthday party without a birthday cake?! 
Martha wouldn't put the hat on so Elaine is hiding behind her holding it over her head.  lol  And by the way Martha, since I just finished cleaning up the room I am proud to say that you had the most "mess" around your chair!!  Just sayin'!!!

My happy birthday gals.  As I was scrolling through the photos I just realized I missed someone with my hat picture.  Joan, I need you in the hat!!!! 
Tonight I finally got into the room to clean up the party messes.  Well, there were lots of deflated balloons.  What was I to do with all those balloons but pour them on Joshua who just happened to be in the tub  while I was cleaning!!!  He loved his new bathtub balloons!!
I hope you are all enjoying the week and finding some time for a little stitching. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Where does the time go?

The last time I posted it was November and the next thing you know, Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas has come and gone, New Year's got here in a hurry and I haven't posted a thing.  Let's just say life has been busy around here and leave it at that!!  And this is by no means a promise that I will post again in the next week or month!!  Who knows?  Anyway, I wish you all a very happy New Year and hopefully one blessed with health, happiness and lots of time for stitching.
I'm going to blitz you with a few pictures but not overwhelm you with all the holidays that have come and gone.
I love after Christmas when things are empty, a blank slate just waiting for something fresh.  I tried to keep things clean and simple after Christmas, not putting back as much as I had out before Christmas and also trying out pieces in different places. 
Well, look who stopped by for a visit.  Little Joshua......building a town with the help of his Poppy.  He loves for Poppy to get on the floor and build with him.  Hmmmm......architect in his future?  Right now just a happy little boy. 
Decided to hang this quilt I made last year for something different.  Imagine, a flag!! 
And the women that come here regularly noticed right away that I changed the picture that was over the fireplace with the framed flag.
I started Weight Watcher's again, thus the fresh fruit and veggies.  I find that if I keep them handy I will grab them instead of chocolate!!   
And after joining Weight Watchers I decided it was time to empty out the old spice cabinet, get rid of the expired bottles and see what I needed to add to my collection.  Have you checked the expiration dates on your spices lately?  I had one bottle in there that was dated 2010!!!  That was definitely a little used spice. 
Now look who stopped by for dinner.  Look at my beautiful quilt hanging behind Joshua.  Those are some of the Civil War blocks that I put together into a smaller piece rather than the large quilt.  I think I ended up with four or five different sized pieces from those 83 blocks.   
And I got out the Halloween piece my sister and I started together this fall when she was visiting.  All those little pickets needed to be stitched down.  I worked on this while my husband was in the hospital recently.  Got quite a bit done and I am happy to report that they are now all finished and I have appliqued some sweet little trick or treaters on the block.  Can't wait to find more stitching time for this evolving piece. 
The other day I put together some random fabrics from my scrap basket to make a long runner. Then I decided to get real industrious and quilt it myself.  I carry so much to Laura and I think sometimes I just need to do a little more on my own.  I wanted this done sooner than later and didn't have time to get to Laura, so I did what I know how to do and just straight line quilted it.  Not sure what is going on here yet but it may be a future class.  Just sayin'..................... 
Speaking of future classes, I've been working on a cauliflower cookbook project.  It is in the beginning stages, but it coming along.  I was hoping this could be a February class so I really need to step it up.  I have been collecting cauliflower recipes since last year in preparation for this little book.  I hope you will want to do this project and see how versatile cauliflower is.  And good for us too.
From this to.........................
this!!!!  Now doesn't that look yummy?!!
Wednesday I have my first birthday party class here.  I'm excited and I hope the ladies that are coming are just as excited since the projects are a surprise!!  I've never done anything like that before but I think they will be happy with the projects I've created for them.
And speaking of the birthday class, I was putting together their bags this evening.  Hmmmm.......wonder what is in there?'s a surprise!!
I hope you all have a great January (see no promises you'll hear from me again this month, lol) and find some time to do a little stitching!  Come see me when you can.