Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Are any of you snowed in and having a grand old time stitching?  I am!!  We're not technically snowed in but we got a mixture of snow/sleet/ice I suppose.  Enough for me to not have a good reason to leave the house. 
I realized I hadn't shared pictures of some classes and decided to do that first.  We had another birthday class and of course I had to embarrass everyone by making them wear the dreaded birthday hat!

I think I missed someone but that's ok.  I'll figure it out and catch them when they least expect it!!  I know who it is and I know I took a picture so I'll have to go searching! 
We had a baby shower for Heather who is expecting her first baby in March....a sweet little boy.  Can't wait to met Mateo!  
Joshua wanted to get in on the birthday fun too.  He put the hat on so I had to snap a quick pic!  Sweet little boy!  Can you believe how much he's grown?!
Time for the first Log Cabin quilt class.  The ladies showed up ready to work! 

And ta-da......their blocks are done.  A couple had a few blocks to finish but most finished them in class.  I tried to get a picture of one of their completed blocks to show how different they all were.   

I can't wait to see them all sewn together and turned into beautiful quilts.  And speaking of quilts......

I worked on my applique quilt yesterday since we were having a "snow" day.  I got the top half of the blocks put together.  I'm loving this project.   

Aren't the mice so sweet?

And off and on for the past couple of days I have worked on my selvedge blocks.  I have oodles of selvedges that need to be sewn down.  I think I got fourteen blocks done between yesterday and today.  These need to be trimmed up.  They look so great once they're trimmed. 
Don't you just love how creative we can be with bits and pieces of fabric?  I have had a passion for fabric since I was a teenager.  My Mom and I used to go fabric shopping together and we would just fondle the fabrics and dream of what we could make.  I guess that's something I inherited from Mom and will always love.
I hope you're all getting to do something fun today.  Perfect weather for a little stitching!