Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is in the Air!!!

Finally, summer is over and there's a nip of fall in the air.  Well, we're not nippy weather-wise yet, but it has been in the 70's and lower 80's which is a nice change.  Fall is my most favorite time of the year!  I love the pumpkins, acorns, squirrels gathering acorns, the colors, the mums, the decorations, the changing leaves, everything about fall!!! 
I visited a local farmer's market yesterday to pick out a few more pumpkins for the porch.  They had some pretty huge pumpkins on display.  Believe me, they were much larger in person than they look in these photos. 

And of course, some smaller pumpkins too.  These are called "field trip" pumpkins.  Just right for little hands to carry home. 
Love all the different gourds.  The colors are just magical to me. 
And from pumpkins we go to snowmen.  Couldn't resist a quick photo of these two snow friends.  They're on the back of my husband's truck drying in the sun.  Enjoying the glorious fall day!!  They will be making an appearance at my Porch Sale which is November 1.  By then the air might be more suitable to their liking.
Heard a wonderful sermon in church this morning about not wasting your life.  So don't waste your life, go out and enjoy the fresh air and do something fun.  Or, like me, build a few snowmen!!
Happy fall!